About Us

Founded in 2004, Gantiel Vensott Engineering Plastic Solutions Pty Ltd offers our customers a complete service when manufacturing plastic guarding. Our production and manufacturing facility is located in Wetherill Park, New South Wales. At Gantiel, we pride ourselves at providing the right plastic engineering solutions to every customer every time, be it cut to size material, engineering solutions or PPE screens.

We are importers, stock holders and distributors of engineering plastics materials in semi-finished shapes such as rods, sheets, tubes and tape.

In order for us to assist customers even further in using these basic shape materials Gantiel has a full in-house capability to convert these plastics into finished parts, such as bushes, bearings, gears, under-chain guides, clear plastic guards and covers to suit a huge range of industries, including food grade applications.

We can provide full complete onsite service of measure and quote, as well as installation if required. Having full in-house ability to provide CAD drawings and assistance with R&D, gives Gantiel a full scope of service within the engineering plastics industry.

We stock a full range of thermoplastic products in rod, sheet and tube including but not limited to Nylon, Acetal, PTFE (PTFE), Polyethylene (LDPE/HDPE/HMWPE/UHMWPE), PVC, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, Polyester, Acrylic, Polyurethane and Silicone Rubber. Along with our diverse range of plastic products we also offer our customers engineering plastic services such as machining, turning, milling, drilling, CNC routing, gear cutting, laser cutting, water jet cutting, bending, fabricating, tarot press stamping, vacuum forming, injection molding and associated services.