Polyoxymethylenes (POM) are technical thermoplastics that are created by co-polymerisation of formaldehyde. It is often referred to as polyacetals (Acetal) due to its chemical structure. 

Acetal’s great machinability together with its dimensional stability, mechanical strength, zero moisture absorption and good load-bearing properties make it ideal for close-tolerance parts and as such is often used in precision engineering applications and serves as substitutes for metals.

Pom is used across a wide array of industries, including Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Conveyer, Automation, Robotics, Food Manufacturing, Transport and, Defence to name a few. Common applications include Rollers, Manifolds, High Precision Wheels, Spheres, Scraper Blades, Guides, Valve Seats, Bearing and Bushes.



Polyoxymethylene, also known as acetal, polyacetal, and polyformaldehyde, is an engineering thermoplastic used in precision parts requiring high stiffness, low friction, and excellent dimensional stability.

Vendel Natural

Vendel has high hardness and stiffness, with very good mechanical properties. It has excellent creep…


Vendel GL Blue

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Vendel Black

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