The materials are used in a range of industries including aerospace, building and construction, electronics, packaging and transportation. Gantiel Vensott works for our clients fabricating, machining and profiling a wide range of production plastic products that are often complex and require our experienced and skilled staff to build, maintain and repair.

How we help

Manufacturers of special purpose machinery and equipment rely on Gantiel Vensott to supply precision machined components. These components can be manufactured in large or small quantities to customer specifications or we can support the client in the design process.

Our expertise and experience across a broad range of industries enable Gantiel Vensott to provide quality components in high-performance engineering plastics.

Your Benefits

  • Accurate design & technical support

  • Onsite measurement & material Selection

  • Engineering expertise

  • Fabrication & Installation

  • Industry experience

  • Onsite consultation & measurement

  • Performance improvements

  • Quick turnaround for break down situations

  • Reverse engineering

  • Machining

  • Drawings

  • Standard stock supply


Electrical Switchboard Manufacturing

Electricity powers almost every aspect of our lives. We use electricity in our homes, at work, and other everyday life. Electricity also forms an essential part of industry and manufacturing. In every application we find electricity, we also find plastics. This is because in order to enhance electricity, humans need to isolate themselves from it. It is as useful as can be deadly. Thermoplastics and thermosets are widely used in protection, structural, insulation and moving parts of switchboards manufacturing and other means of transfer of electricity. Gantiel Vensott has very extensive experience and stock range to produce and help design engineering plastics parts and equipment to use in this industry.

Food & Beverage

Farming and Agricultural Equipment

From mulching and irrigation to fishing, aquaculture and greenhouse structures, polymeric materials play a huge role in the Farming, Agriculture and Fishery Industries. Using the correct polymeric material in the correct application can enhance production, reduce crop losses, increase quality of harvest and conserve water. Gantiel Vensott can assisting farmers and farming machinery producers in choosing right plastics for the right applications, as well as, provide finished parts and fully fabricated structures.


Food Processing

Plastic is one of the most commonly used materials in the food industry, food processing and packaging.  Its role in food safety and reducing food waste has made it an essential material in this industry. Food contact plastics must comply with the strictest international, European and US laws and regulations to provide a safety for consumers, who are increasingly more sophisticated and demanding. The recent invention of metal detectable plastics made a huge breakthrough food manufacturers ability to rely on metal detectors to detect foreign materials in food batches to save unnecessary waste and bring peace of mind for consumers. Gantiel Vensott stock, distributes and provide finished machined and fabricated parts for any and all aspects of food manufacturing, mass production, packaging and conveying of solid, cooked, frozen or liquid types of foods and ingredients.


Transport Industry (Trucking and Rail)

Plastics components are helping manufacturers create safer, better and more efficient forms and means of transportation. Plastics are extremely reliable, durable and easy to use materials which has been used in trucking, transportation and rail industry for years and are still used every day. All forms of transportation require energy to run. So, fuel represents a substantial part of running costs. Cutting weight in all forms of transportation can represent a substantial and valuable savings in fuel and running costs. Gantiel Vensott has been at the forefront of research and development of use of modern plastics in variety


Water Treatment

With advantages like corrosion and chemical resistance, ease of installation, low maintenance, durability, and resistance to scale and bio film build-up, thermoplastic parts and components have become a common choice for water treatment systems. Gantiel has long-standing experience servicing and supporting the Wastewater Industry on many levels of supply, varying from simple one-off emergency items for breakdown situations through to multi-design 3 dimensionally machined mass production items for consumable parts. Local stock and in-house design, CNC machining and fabrication capabilities makes Gantiel a powerful partner in tough or urgent situations. There are a variety of thermoplastic material options available to suite multiple water treatment applications. Gantiel is heavily involved in various R&D and material selection processes, assisting Wastewater Engineers to replace older or outdated designs and materials with modern, cutting edge technology using advanced plastics and other polymeric materials.